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I want to highly recommend Risa Shapiro as a wedding planner and event coordinator.  Risa just assisted us with two events - the aufruf and large kiddush, and the wedding of our son Levi Frohlich to Rivkah Granot. Both simachot were beautifully executed and enabled me to be stress free to enjoy the events.


The wedding required a lot of Risa's expertise, prior to the wedding and on the day of the wedding.  It was held at the Bible Lands Museum.  In using that venue, we needed to coordinate catering, decorating, museum personnel to open a special exhibit for us, as well as the other professionals, band, photo, video, live-streaming.  Risa assisted greatly in having everything run smoothly, including running interference when there were assumptions or misunderstandings. Her checklists covered every detail.  Her expertise, talent for suggesting everything from decorations to menu choices, calm manner on the day of the event, and ability to move everyone and everything along at the appropriate time made for a beautiful, smoothly-run and joyous celebration.


As for the kiddush, it was an event jointly sponsored by two families, and Risa met everyone's expectations and more.  The presentation was lovely, the food excellent, and the cost was more reasonable than we had anticipated.  None of the sponsors had to be concerned about any detail. Risa handled it all with grace.


Dr. Harold & Vicki Frohlich




























Dear Risa,

     It was such a pleasure working with you at the recent wedding

of our daughter Elianna. The night was a dream and I can only

imagine that it was due to your hard work behind the scenes.

Thank you so much for your skillful management and coordination.

We look forward to sharing smachot with you in the future.

Jonathan and Debbie Sassen

































We were very pleased with Risa Shapiro's services as wedding

coordinator for our wedding. She combined creativity and

organization to make the day special. She provided critical

help making sure everyone and everything got to where they

needed to be, and ensuring that everything ran smoothly. She

also added lots of creative touches to make the event beautiful

and unique.


Using Risa's services took so much stress off of us on the wedding

day, because she was there behind the scenes taking care of the

last minute needs, attending to the little details and keeping the

ceremony on schedule. We are so grateful to her for her services

and very happy with the decision we made to hire her.


We would strongly recommend using Risa to coordinate your

wedding, to help take the stress off of the families during the

wedding, and to bring together details in the planning.


The Tanner and Miller Families Wedding




Having Risa as our wedding coordinator was the best decision

we made in planning our wedding. She paid attention to details

that we didn't even know existed, making sure that it would be

the wedding of our dreams. The day of the wedding and the

weeks leading up to the big day are usually stressful ones, but

knowing that Risa was there to take care of everything, helped

make that time period far less stressful than we expected.


Risa's background in social work also helped us tremendously,

as we have a complicated family situation (as most do), and she

knew exactly what to say to each and every family member.

That is an invaluable asset that most wedding coordinators

don't have, and having her there allowed us to enjoy our day to

the utmost. Having Risa as our wedding coordinator helped us

to have the wedding of our dreams, and fully enjoy each and

every second. We would highly recommend her to anyone!


Lea & Adam Grossman





























Working with Risa to plan our wedding and on the day of the

affair  was an amazing experience.  She walked us through

everything we dreamed of and more.  I highly recommend her

for event planning of any kind!


Dani and Nikki Koestreich




































VIP Brit Milah

Risa Shapiro is the best event planner I know! She put together our event during the biggest blizzard in Jerusalem, handled everything with class and style and made us feel like we were in the most important client. If you are planning a wedding six months away or need something done right away - I would highly recommend calling Risa!


Josh & Avigail Fleisher




























Shabbat Chatan

היזמנו אצל "ריסה שפירא אירועים וקייטרינג" לכבוד שבת חתן התורה בבית הכנסת שלנו. ריסה הייתה קשובה מאוד לבקשתנו, ובנוסף הציעה הצעות מעניינות מניסיונה באירגון אירועים בשבתות. התפעלנו מכישרונות העיצוב וכן מהטעמים שנראו ושהיו טעימים ביותר. כל מתפללי בית הכנסת שיבחו את הקידוש והיללו על העשייה 

תודה רבה לריסה ונתראה בשמחות

דליה רייך

We ordered a catered kiddush for the occasion of our synagogue's

celebration of "Chatan Torah"  from Mrs. Risa Shapiro. Risa was

very attentive to our requests and even added many suggestions

from her vast experience.  We were very impressed and pleasantly

surprised by how beautiful and professional everything looked and

it all tasted so wonderful. The entire congregation praised the

kiddush and greatly thanked her for her hard work - it was greatly

appreciated! Thank you Risa and may we meet at many more smachot. 


Dalia Reich





Bat Mitzvah

I was so lucky to have Risa as my party consultant. At first I thought I

could pull off the party by myself, after all, a simple Bat Mitzvah and

a desire to keep to a budget did not really call for a consultant. How

wrong I was with my initial thought. There were so many details I

would have overlooked. I made the call just to hear about her style

and what she had to offer. I was in awe of her understanding my needs.

She listened to every detail and offered fabulous ideas, suggestions and

alternate ways to keep to the same venue. She was super creative and

artistic. She was quick, responsive, attentive, and even calming. Any

surprises were dealt with as though they were planned. Risa was born

to be a party planner and we were so thankful to have had her there for

us. I welcome any calls or inquiries.


Dafna Prince





Wedding Coordination

Risa Shapiro has been an excellent Event Coordinator at numerous weddings,

bar mitzvot and britot at Ramat Rachel. She is quite talented in juggling many

of the "stresses" of the typical day- catering to and anticipating the needs of the

bride and groom and their families, working professionally with the staff and

other service providers, ensuring the smooth and timely execution of the

celebration and all the time exhibiting a flair for creativity and a propensity

for working well with all types of personalities.


I highly recommend using Risa's services for ensuring a successful event.


Jonny Rappaport

Food and Beverage Director of Ramat Rachel Banquet Halls





Personalized Bridal Styling

Risa Shapiro's personal shopping guidance was invaluable to me in selecting

a most beautiful, tasteful and appropriate gown for my son's wedding. There

were quite a few challenges and her recommendations and creative touches

made all the difference. She guided me through the maze of stores and racks

and was able to hone in on the proper style for me that also was well made in

a quality fabric. We even were able to negotiate a most affordable price. It was

well worth hiring Risa for this task- she saved me valuable time/ expense and

was spot on as a stylist/ image consultant to meet my desires and needs.


Esther Gamss, Hashmonaim

Risa did an amazing job. She truly saved the day. Her professionalism was indispensable. She had a big hand in making our special day virtually stress free. We highly recommend her for anyone looking to have an awesome wedding.


Thank you so much Risa.


Gene and Arielle Matanky 

My wedding was just yesterday and I must tell everyone,

that because of Risa, it was the best wedding ever! Everything

was amazing - from the photographer, to the food, and

everything in between!  Risa is the way to go if you want

your special day to be truly unique and run smoothly.


Thank YOU, Risa!! You were a pleasure to work with!   


Megan Tabok Woliciki

Risa Shapiro's creative touch was apparent at the excellent Kiddush she produced at my shabbat chatan. Everything looked and tasted amazing. Great quality (and quantity) and all at a very good price.


I would highly recommend!


Matan Hershkowitz


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